Winnifred Stewart Park Revitalization Project Update March 25, 2015

Winnifred Stewart Park Revitalization Project Update March 25, 2015

The park project is finally moving ahead. We are at the stage of circulating the final design to Inglewood community members. This is for your information.

The Friends of Inglewood have signed off on the final design this past Monday, March 23rd. The concept drawing shows the following additions to the park:

  • An asphalt pathway, along with wheelchair accessible curb ramps. At the 128th street end, there will also be a concrete pad drop off area for handi-vans (previous drop off area was on 116 A ave, on the grass). This will provide a sturdier space to move wheelchairs. (Two legs of the path have been removed to keep the area looking as natural as possible, and keep the open space. As this project is for safety (lights) and accessibility (for wheelchair use) it is required to have a solid surface from each curb ramp)
  • 6 concrete picnic tables (with a wood grain design), along with concrete pads will be added. Two of these will have wheelchair accessible ends and will be located in the central plaza area along the path.
  • 4 concrete benches will be added. Newer fully concrete benches will replace the two existing ones, those two concrete pads will remain, and two more concrete pads will be added.
  • 4 new trash receptacles will be added, on concrete pads
  • 7 security lights will be added.

The project start date is slated for after the August long weekend. It should take 6 – 8 weeks to complete. The August start was chosen to fit in as many summer activities as possible during June and July (wedding season) prior to construction. Sections of the park will still be available during the various construction phases, with unavailable areas fenced off as needed.

The order of construction is as follows:

  • Trenching for electrical and lights installed (approx. 2 weeks)
  • Asphalt path (approx. 2 weeks)
  • Hard surfaces (concrete under benches and tables) (approx. 1 weeks)
  • Sod & landscaping (approx. 1 week)

It has been suggested to wait until the ground is frozen to move the heavy picnic tables and benches into place.

The City Project Manager is working on the final budget. We still have no answer from the CFEP grant that was applied for last year. However, as it stands, the funding that we have in place should be enough to move forward with much of the development.

Any concerns can be forwarded to:

Savannah Westgarde

Community Recreation Coordinator

Phone: 780-423-5827


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