March 31, 2015 update: CFEP grant approved!

March 31, 2015  update:    CFEP grant approved!
Great news! Just this minute (4:23 pm on March 31st), I received a phone call from Minister Heather Klimchuk letting me know that the CFEP grant has been approved for the entire amount of $97,480.00. Minister Klimchuk told me that she advocated strongly for us to get the whole amount, since the death of Mr. Roccia left us quite short of funds! She mentioned how important work with the community and families are and how she strongly supports all our projects (park and playground). I thanked her profusely on behalf of the Friends of Inglewood. She asked how things were coming along, so I told her that we signed off on the final design, and that the final budget would be forthcoming. This means that we can go ahead with all of the project without having to cut anything out!   We are hugely grateful to CFEP for granting us these funds!
Jill Brighton

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