Park update

Park construction has begun. Timelines have been accelerated so the hope is that the construction phase of the project will be completed by the end of October. The furniture will be arriving in December, so the assembly and installation phase for the park bench and tables will take place then (possibly in snow…)

Fencing has been placed around the perimeter of the park for public safety. The area north east of the park still is accessible, around the rocks, in case people still want to access it. This will soon be done, so lack of access is only temporary.

Trenching for the electrical, and installation of the light poles will take place in the next few days. The concrete for path, bench pads and access ramps will be poured sometime next week.


March 31, 2015 update: CFEP grant approved!

March 31, 2015  update:    CFEP grant approved!
Great news! Just this minute (4:23 pm on March 31st), I received a phone call from Minister Heather Klimchuk letting me know that the CFEP grant has been approved for the entire amount of $97,480.00. Minister Klimchuk told me that she advocated strongly for us to get the whole amount, since the death of Mr. Roccia left us quite short of funds! She mentioned how important work with the community and families are and how she strongly supports all our projects (park and playground). I thanked her profusely on behalf of the Friends of Inglewood. She asked how things were coming along, so I told her that we signed off on the final design, and that the final budget would be forthcoming. This means that we can go ahead with all of the project without having to cut anything out!   We are hugely grateful to CFEP for granting us these funds!
Jill Brighton

Winnifred Stewart Park Revitalization Project Update March 25, 2015

Winnifred Stewart Park Revitalization Project Update March 25, 2015

The park project is finally moving ahead. We are at the stage of circulating the final design to Inglewood community members. This is for your information.

The Friends of Inglewood have signed off on the final design this past Monday, March 23rd. The concept drawing shows the following additions to the park:

  • An asphalt pathway, along with wheelchair accessible curb ramps. At the 128th street end, there will also be a concrete pad drop off area for handi-vans (previous drop off area was on 116 A ave, on the grass). This will provide a sturdier space to move wheelchairs. (Two legs of the path have been removed to keep the area looking as natural as possible, and keep the open space. As this project is for safety (lights) and accessibility (for wheelchair use) it is required to have a solid surface from each curb ramp)
  • 6 concrete picnic tables (with a wood grain design), along with concrete pads will be added. Two of these will have wheelchair accessible ends and will be located in the central plaza area along the path.
  • 4 concrete benches will be added. Newer fully concrete benches will replace the two existing ones, those two concrete pads will remain, and two more concrete pads will be added.
  • 4 new trash receptacles will be added, on concrete pads
  • 7 security lights will be added.

The project start date is slated for after the August long weekend. It should take 6 – 8 weeks to complete. The August start was chosen to fit in as many summer activities as possible during June and July (wedding season) prior to construction. Sections of the park will still be available during the various construction phases, with unavailable areas fenced off as needed.

The order of construction is as follows:

  • Trenching for electrical and lights installed (approx. 2 weeks)
  • Asphalt path (approx. 2 weeks)
  • Hard surfaces (concrete under benches and tables) (approx. 1 weeks)
  • Sod & landscaping (approx. 1 week)

It has been suggested to wait until the ground is frozen to move the heavy picnic tables and benches into place.

The City Project Manager is working on the final budget. We still have no answer from the CFEP grant that was applied for last year. However, as it stands, the funding that we have in place should be enough to move forward with much of the development.

Any concerns can be forwarded to:

Savannah Westgarde

Community Recreation Coordinator

Phone: 780-423-5827


Park Update August 19 2014

August 19, 2014


There have been several questions about when park construction is to begin. We had hoped that the proposed asphalt path might have been done this summer or fall. However, with the untimely and unfortunate death of the owner of the paving company that was to donate the work and materials, as well as the dissolution of the company a few months after his passing, we are now unable to begin any work on the revitalization of Winnifred Stewart Park this summer.

Most of the work is still planned for the summer of 2015. At this point, we are unsure of what elements will be done, and which ones will be either phased out, or delayed. The budget that we applied for funding with has changed and the project now has quite a shortfall of funds.

As we move forward in conversation with our project partners and City planners, we will have a clearer picture of what can be achieved by next year.

When more information is available, an update will be provided. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


The Friends of Inglewood committee members have been voted in for this next year, from September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015.

Chair: Jill Brighton
Treasurer: Mark Campeau
Members at large:
Jason Larsen
Deena Larsen
Bobbi-Jo Gallup
Jaki Campeau
Brad Marshall
Shannon Marshall
Welcome to new members at large:
Connie Toporowski
Paul Coutts
Julie Skrepnek
Daisy Mendoza
Website consultant: Ken Kuebler

The position of secretary remains open. Members will take turns providing meeting notes.

Grant Cheque recieved

Exciting news! On Friday July 11th, Minister Heather Klimchuk presented Paul Adams (president of Inglewood Community League) and Jill Brighton (chair of Friends of Inglewood) a grant cheque from the Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) for $27,066.00 towards the Revitalization of Winnifred Stewart Park Project.CFEP grant check

2014 Winnifred Stewart Park Cleanup Dates


Meet up at Winnifred Stewart Park (128 Street and 116 Ave). Bring garden and work gloves. Garbage bags will be provided.

We meet once a month, on the last Wednesday evening, weather providing, to pick up all the garbage strewn in the park. Depending on the number of people, it can take 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

Join the Friends of Inglewood for some fresh air, and help us keep our park clean!

Wednesday May 28 @ 8:00 pm
Wednesday June 25 @ 8:00 pm
Wednesday July 30 @ 8:00 pm
Wednesday August 27 @ 8:00 pm
Wednesday September 24 @ 7:00 pm


Spring is here, and things are picking up with our Park Revitalization Project. Here is the latest information to keep you updated.

The NPDP and CFEP grants were applied for in December of 2013. Great news! We have just heard that our NPDP grant has been conditionally approved, subject to City Council’s approval of continued funding for the Neighbourhood Park Development Program in the 2015-2018 capital budget. Upon City Council approval, we should receive a final confirmation of our funding allocation in January of 2015.

We should hear about the CFEP grant sometime in April 2014.

The City has assigned us a Project Manager: Rodger Davidson, and a Landscape Architect: Jim Black. We met with them last November, and discussed the park design and changes we hoped for. They mentioned that the City has specific guidelines for adding lights to park spaces, which comes down to putting lighting only where there is a path. Thus it was suggested to add another leg to the proposed path, leading to the northwest corner, so as to light that section of the park. This section would be in rundle stone, because it is more heavily treed and would be sensitive to digging, unlike the rest of the path, which will be asphalt.

There are many levels of approvals to go. Here are some that are in progress. Power for lighting must be brought to the park, which requires EPCOR’s approval. The City has specific guidelines as to the kind, height and focal points of lights, and these will be forthcoming. The proposed picnic tables and park benches are being looked at and will also need approval, as they would come from out of province. The Winnifred Stewart Association has donated the construction of the asphalt path. Their contractor is currently not City-approved, but we have been told that there is a process by which to get approval for a donation in-kind. The City Project Manager is looking into all of this.

We were provided a City budget, with which to fill in the grant applications. The budget thus far was quoted to be $194,454.53

Here is a breakdown of the funding we have requested:

NPDP grant $75,000.00 (Conditional approval)

CEP grant $27,066.48

Asphalt path (WSA donation) $47,300.00 (Donation in-kind)

Inglewood Community League $36,500.00

Friends of Inglewood Fundraiser $ 8,588.05 (in our bank accounts)

We had a good discussion at the community meeting on March 24th. Here are some questions that were asked and answers that were provided.

Will there be any changes to the park, like cutting down trees, etc?

We want to keep the character of the park intact, and love our beautiful trees. Forestry is very particular about keeping the trees as they are. The project will ensure that the park landscaping remains consistent. There may be some pruning of shrubs that are overgrown, and cutting of lower branches of trees for visibility and more security. More shrubs might be planted should some need to be displaced.

Will lights in the park disturb the residents around the park? Will they be too bright at night?

While we don’t know yet what these lights will look like and how much space they light up, because the tree canopy that surrounds the park doesn’t currently let light in, the reverse would be also consistent, in that the light would be seen through the trees, and not be overly bright. Their presence is to ensure visibility and safety in the darkness hours.

Who takes care of the park once the project is done and who pays for the lighting?

The City will take over ownership of the park furniture and construction once completed. Forestry and Parks take care of the maintenance now and will continue to do so. Lighting gets absorbed into the City budget. The project costs to get all the construction done is itemized above with the funding requests.

Will residents be able to use the park during construction?

Yes. Construction will happen in phases. There would be surrounding barriers around the sites being worked on, and materials used, but sections of the park would be designated for public use during construction. As there are different parts to the project, the designated areas will change as the project moves forward.

What is the timeline of the project?

It is hoped that the path construction will take place this summer, 2014. The rest of the construction is slated for completion in 2015. All the money has to be in place prior to the work being done. As the asphalt is a donation, this can take place earlier, pending City approval.

As we move forward with the project, we will keep you informed. Included is the latest design from Jim Black, our landscape architect.

If you have questions, or any comments about any of the information or the design, please email

Thank you to all who attended the March 24th meeting. We are grateful for your input, questions and comments.

Winnifred Stewart Park Revitalization Meeting

Hello everyone.

Now that spring is almost here, we are starting to deal with the park revitalization again. Grant applications have been made, and we await answers for funding, which won’t be until a few months from now. We would like to continue to conversation, however, and discuss where the project is currently at!

Winnifred Stewart Park Revitalization Meeting

The Friends of Inglewood would like to invite you to a meeting to learn more about the Revitalization Project of Winnifred Stewart Park, located at 116 Avenue and 128 Street (formerly known as Inglewood Park).

We encourage community residents to take part in this meeting to find out what is happening, have a look at the early concept drawings and join in the discussion about our community.

When: Monday 24th March

Where: Inglewood Community Hall

12515 – 116 Ave

Time: 8:00 pm

Also, if some of you would like to become a member of the Friends of Inglewood, we would love to have you aboard.

For further information, please e-mail me at